Lifestyle Medical – physician directed Medical Spa and Skin Rejuvenation, the only one of its kind in Margaret River.

Cosmetic, Skin Clinic & General Practice

Dr Katina Koukourou (BMBS, FRACGP- Cosmetic Doctor & General Practioner) and her team offer general practice, cosmetic treatments, specialised skin consultations and beauty procedures. 

Dr Katina Koukourou, founder & resident practitioner received her degree in medicine from the University of Flinders in South Australia.  Dr Koukourou has been practicing for over 10 years and is a member of the Cosmetic Physician Society of Australia. 

Dr Koukourou specialises in cosmetic injectables (muscle relaxants & skin volumisers), Intense Pulse Light (IPL) Facial Rejuvenation and Photo Dynamic Therapy (PDT).

Lifestyle Medical is equipped with the latest molescanning technology using both dermoscopic & siascopic imagery.

Lifestyle Medical also offers all the traditional beauty services including facials, tinting and waxing as well as a range of aesthetic age reduction treatments including injections for wrinkle reduction (which include muscle relaxants and skin volumisers) for both men & women, plus all aspects of General Practice.

Our dedicated professional team are focused on helping individuals with their skin care and beauty needs.   Lifestyle Medical is devoted to developing personalised treatment programs including professional treatments and at home care to achieve the individual aspirations of each client.

Contact us today to book your personalised rejuvenation package!

“Wellness is a choice, inside and out and if you wish to obtain optimum health

                                                                            it is essential to look at prevention as well as treatment.”

Dr Katina Koukourou, BMBS, FRACGP

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Cosmetic injections


wrinkle relaxers

dermal fillers

enhance facial features

correct asymmetry

define cheekbones

enhance lips

chin fat dissolving