When is the Perfect Time to Get Laser Hair Removal?

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When is the Perfect Time to Get Laser Hair Removal?  

The best time to start is now! That’s right. When skies are cloudy and the temperature is a lot cooler, winter is one of the best times to book in your first laser hair removal treatment. Better yet, you can say ‘goodbye’ to unwanted hair just in time for Summer.  

The Benefits of Winter for Laser Hair Removal  

If you are keen on starting your laser hair removal journey, then the best time in Australia would be during Winter (June – August).   

Here are some practical reasons why now is the ideal time:  

  • Limited sun exposure allows your treated areas to heal and avoid UVA (skin surface) and UVB (skin’s deeper layers) damage, which can cause hyperpigmentation or other issues.   
  • Your skin will be extra sensitive and susceptible to infection following a treatment so you should avoid excessive sweating, which is easier when your body is not overheated.   
  • Laser works best on pale or fair skin and dark hair. During colder seasons, less UV rays means less melanin production. Dark skin cells are also sloughed off and replaced with lighter ones, which is ideal.  
  • You will be beach-ready by the summertime. You can show off your new and improved bikini line and soak up that summer sun!  

What You Should Know About Laser Hair Removal  

You are allowed to shave as often as needed in between each treatment (avoid tweezers and waxing). You can also use a gentle, fragrance-free moisturiser or lotion after your treatment to alleviate any discomfort. Also, shave at least 12 hours before attending a treatment session to help the lasers locate the hair follicles. It is also important to allow 4-8 weeks between each session to ensure there are enough active hair follicles for the laser to target. If you do this, you will be able to get the most out of your laser hair removal treatments.  

Is Laser Hair Removal Permanent?  

After 3-4 treatments, you should notice a substantial reduction in hair growth. After 6-8 treatments, you will notice almost little to no hair growth at all. Although everybody is different, 6-8 is the recommended number of treatments for optimal results. The powerful laser machines will destroy the hair follicles, which inhibits or delays future hair growth. Remember, no laser clinic can guarantee 100% hair-free results and it is important to know that this will not result in permanent removal of your unwanted hair. It is recommended to return once or twice a year after the course of your treatment is complete to maintain the results. Another positive is that you will no longer have to worry about ingrown hairs or razor bumps, which is totally worth it!  

Take Care of Your Skin  

Finally, you can enjoy your silky-smooth skin when it is sunny and warmer in December! Always remember to wear a broad-spectrum sunscreen that is SPF30+ or higher and keep checking in with your technician at least once a year to maintain your hairless aesthetic.  

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