Why are Facials such an important part of our skin care regime?

At Lifestyle Medical, we are super passionate about healthy, quality skin. I would even consider us a little obsessed with it!

Without a doubt, our favourite, non-invasive skin treatments that we offer are our signature facials.

Did you know that our skin cells are constantly turning over. Through a process called keratinisation, dead skin cells travel up from the innermost layer of the epidermis to the surface of the skin. These dead skin cells or corneocytes, still have a vital function in forming the skin barrier, which protects skin from various environmental factors, such as germs and pollution. As the cycle continues, they are naturally exfoliated by the skins cell turnover. This prevents the build-up of too many dead cells (which can clog up the skin’s surface) and in turn stimulates new cells to grow. However, as we age, this skin renewal process slows down and can often take longer as it does when we are younger. This means that the dead skin cells build up on the surface of the skin, which leaves our skin feeling rough, with enlarged pores, congested, irritated, and dull looking.
And this is where a Medik8 signature facial at Lifestyle Medical comes into play! Through the use of advanced treatments including Microdermabrasion (which all of our signature facials include) or a chemical peel, along with the Medik8 products containing active ingredients, we are able to assist in supporting the health of your skin cells and address your individual skin concerns all while speeding up the skin cell renewal process.

We have extensively researched our signature facial treatment to ensure total relaxation for our clients, while ensuring their skin is undergoing a highly effective treatment. The basis of our facials are as follows:

Beginning with a deep cleanse individualising what cleanser is used based on the clients skin. Followed by a deep manual exfoliation using environmentally friendly bamboo extract, then a microdermabrasion to help encourage the growth of new, healthy cells. This aids in diminishing acne scars, reducing fine lines and wrinkles and evening out our skins complexion. Our skin is then hydrated with a relaxing age defying facial oil and a signature mask is then applied, this mask varies according to each facial. A hot towel is applied to remove the mask and a facial massage is performed using various oils. The process of the facial massage aid in lymphatic drainage. The treatment is concluded with a LED treatment. This further assists in skin health, healing and cell turnover.

We need to start viewing our skin like we do our teeth or other parts of our body and ensure we are regularly having “check ups” to keep it at its optimum health!


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